The New Century Multiverse
SteamHeart Q&A [Session 2]

SteamHeart Q&A [Session 2]

November 28, 2019

We return for the second salvo of questions from Greg Downing and Toby Jungius. You'll find out what being an editor has entailed for Sharon, how I handle character death long-term and my approach to representation of sexuality.

As well as this there's more outtakes at the end and a fairly moving wrap-up. 

These Q&A sessions will return soon, after the next production wraps. 

SteamHeart Q&A [Session 1]

SteamHeart Q&A [Session 1]

November 21, 2019

After the fun but chaotic round-table with the cast I decided that we could get to greater depths on SteamHeart and Phase 1. 

So I brought in two avid listeners and readers to come up with a bunch of questions for Sharon and I, none of which I had influence over, to see what shook out. And we weren't disappointed. Greg Downing and Toby Jungius were more than up to the task of challenging us to think about our creative process, and hopefully we will get to record more Q&A sessions in the future. 

SteamHeart: The First Table Read

SteamHeart: The First Table Read

November 15, 2019

[Major SteamHeart Spoilers]

Way back in early 2017, two and a half years before the last episode of SteamHeart emerged on the New Century Multiverse podcast feed, I sat down with the cast to read them the treatment for the operatic story we would be about to undertake. Much like the first table read of the script for The Force Awakens with the cast of the new Star Wars Trilogy.

We did the same with The Princess Thieves a few years before. Some things were yet to develop, some names were different and some conversations are quite revealing as the cast chip in. 

The Making of SteamHeart [Part 1: The Cast]

The Making of SteamHeart [Part 1: The Cast]

November 7, 2019

Major spoilers for SteamHeart!

This is a gathering of the main cast of New Century (all together in one place for the first time in a long while). We take this opportunity to answer some of your questions about SteamHeart, some silly, some serious and share some insight to the creative process.

This is one of three SteamHeart features, the other two being a Q&A session with just Sharon and I, and the original table-read when I detailed for the cast what would be happening in our eighth book, recorded WAYYY back in very early 2017. 

UPDATE: Phase 1 Remastered

UPDATE: Phase 1 Remastered

August 15, 2019

Now that SteamHeart is complete here's some key news on what's coming up on the New Century Multiverse podcast feed. 

A Change of Place for The New Century Multiverse

A Change of Place for The New Century Multiverse

June 19, 2019

A major update to the production schedule of New Century. This will let all of you know where we are going from here. There's a look back on what we've done along with one or two reveals.

No spoilers for SteamHeart or any of the other books so you can listen right now.

The Making of Let Them Go and The Christmas Thieves

The Making of Let Them Go and The Christmas Thieves

July 26, 2018

This is the first making of type show that we've done since The Princess Thieves wrapped, principally because I realised our Behind the Whitescarves discussions were so rich and detailed that they did most of the work of the reader. I was producing dense texts and then explaining them to you.

That's not a dynamic which makes for a massively successful author/reader relationship. So from now on these shows will be much shorter and more like fun get-togethers with the cast where we answer your questions. It gives you a taste of the depths available but the rest we leave to you. 

Plus you can get the complete lowdown here about the upcoming Definitive Edition of Secret Rooms. 

Guests: Sharon Shaw, Theo Leigh, Laureta Sela, Spencer Leeb and Maureen Foley.

Behind the Whitescarves: Philosophy of Humanity

Behind the Whitescarves: Philosophy of Humanity

November 9, 2017

This is a special show giving each notable character in the New Century Multiverse a few seconds to lay down their view on humanity. I spent a long time putting this one together, and zeroing in on each distinct mindset.


Alex Shaw: Thomas Arlington, James Penrose, Raven, Ulysses S. Grant, Miguel Alejandro Delgado, Nathaniel Curtis, Nikola Tesla, Maurice Fisher, Seth, Mister Wight, Robin of Loxley, Archduke Coriolanus, Ajax, Frederick Douglass

Maureen Foley: Sarah Arlington, Hraoanna, Tabitha Chorley, Merlene

Sharon Shaw: Abigail Grey, Katherine Holloway, Li Ying Long, Mortimer Wilson, Scarlet Wilhelmina

Spencer Leeb: Frank Butler, the Nag, 

Laureta Sela: Annie Oakley, Harriet Arlington, Viola Heartstone

Matt Wardle: Jeremy Pines, Thomas Edison, Joseph Tremaine, Johan Krieger, Oberon, Ambrosius Baltus

Theo Leigh: Truth Arlington, Gwendoline Saxe-Coburg

Bob Chipman: Sean Riley

Daniel Floyd: Henry McPherson

Lou Fernandez: Dutch Van Tassel

James Batchelor: The Black Shuck


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The New Century Multiverse 101

The New Century Multiverse 101

January 1, 2016

This is an overview of the multiverse for newcomers. For those who might naturally be bewildered by the names and titles and sheer volume of material to listen to, even during this opening phase, this is eleven minutes that I'm hoping clears everything up. If you are one of these people, welcome.

  • Six stories. You can start with any of the first five. 
  1. The Cartographer’s Handbook
  2. Secret Rooms
  3. Tiger’s Eye
  4. Arlington
  5. The Princess Thieves
  6. SteamHeart
  • The current ongoing fiction podcast story is: The Princess Thieves. 
  • The first four are available in complete audio form on Bandcamp.
  • The first four books are available on Kindle with the fifth coming soon. 

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