The New Century Multiverse
Panther Soul: Sizzle Reel

Panther Soul: Sizzle Reel

December 2, 2021

This is a quick update on the production of the New Century Multiverse, followed by a rich and varied sneak peek at the characters and voices from the upcoming audiodrama; Panther Soul. I'm going to be writing novels for a long while, so we will all have to wait for this one, but hopefully the sizzle reel should whet your appetite. You may even feel like reading the book and giving it a star rating and review on Amazon. 

A huge thank you to all of the voice artists who worked their tails off to get me these moments. Hearing you all together is bewitching and thrilling. And this may well be my favourite so far. 

· New Century Update 0m 0s

· Kolo Nash (Alex Shaw) 3m 0s

· Stardancer (Theo Leigh) 9m 40s

· Maximus (Spencer Leeb) 14m 15s

· Dalesh and Grandpaw (Shanta Parasuraman and Akshdeep Singh Vohra) 16m 00s

· Dokoda (Felix Quist) 16m 30s

· Marko, Sir Dashington and Captain Beatrix (Orion Richardson, James Batchelor and Laureta Sela) 17m 30s

· Maugg (Maya Souris) 20m 00s

· Commodore Shrike (Sharon Shaw) 22m 30s

· Kolo’s Fight Poetry (Alex Shaw) 23m 10s

· Lia (Willow Shaw) 23m 15s

· Through the Wind Door 26m 20s

· Hrao (Maureen Foley) 27m 45s

· Close 29m 40s

· Showboating Kolo (Alex Shaw) 30m 00s

· Panther Soul Theme: “Zaad” (Jason Bradley Livesay ASCAP) 31m 00s

Behind the Whitescarves: Philosophy of Humanity

Behind the Whitescarves: Philosophy of Humanity

December 2, 2013

This is a special show giving each notable character in the New Century Multiverse a few seconds to lay down their view on humanity. I spent a long time putting this one together, and zeroing in on each distinct mindset.


Alex Shaw: Thomas Arlington, James Penrose, Raven, Ulysses S. Grant, Miguel Alejandro Delgado, Nathaniel Curtis, Nikola Tesla, Maurice Fisher, Seth, Mister Wight, Robin of Loxley, Archduke Coriolanus, Ajax, Frederick Douglass

Maureen Foley: Sarah Arlington, Hraoanna, Tabitha Chorley, Merlene

Sharon Shaw: Abigail Grey, Katherine Holloway, Li Ying Long, Mortimer Wilson, Scarlet Wilhelmina

Spencer Leeb: Frank Butler, the Nag, 

Laureta Sela: Annie Oakley, Harriet Arlington, Viola Heartstone

Matt Wardle: Jeremy Pines, Thomas Edison, Joseph Tremaine, Johan Krieger, Oberon, Ambrosius Baltus

Theo Leigh: Truth Arlington, Gwendoline Saxe-Coburg

Bob Chipman: Sean Riley

Daniel Floyd: Henry McPherson

Lou Fernandez: Dutch Van Tassel

James Batchelor: The Black Shuck


Endless Voyage was provided by Tabletop Audio and Welcome to Chaos by Ross Bugden

A Huge thank you to our special patrons this month

Joel Robinson, Duran Barnett, Tom Painter, Finbar Nicholl, Abel Savard, Jamas Enright, Marc Lucksch, Dan Mayer, Joe Crow, Chris Finik, Toby Jungius, Dave Hickman, Aaron Lacluyze, David Garcia Abril, Ben Hayes, Ciaran Dachtler, and Lorraine Chisholm.

The New Century Multiverse 101

The New Century Multiverse 101

December 1, 2013

This is an overview of the first Phase of the multiverse for newcomers. For those who might naturally be bewildered by the names and titles and sheer volume of material to listen to, even during this opening phase, this is eleven minutes that I'm hoping clears everything up. If you are one of these people, welcome.

  • Thirteen stories so far. Let Them Go is a great place to start)
  1. Let Them Go (Created AFTER this 101 recording) 
  2. The Cartographer’s Handbook
  3. Secret Rooms
  4. Tiger’s Eye
  5. Arlington
  6. SteamHeart (Crossover Event. The Grand Finale of Phase 1)
  7. The Princess Thieves 
  8. Uncivil Outlaw (Created AFTER this 101 recording) 
  9. Stonespring Maidens
  10. The Christmas Thieves
  11. Panther Soul (Coming Soon to audio)
  12. Nightfall of the Wendigo (Coming Soon to audio)
  13. Back in Time + Space (The Grand Finale of Phase 2)
  • The current re-releasing story on the podcast podcast feed is: The Princess Thieves
  • The first ten are available in complete audio form on Bandcamp.
  • The first ten books are available on Kindle with the fifth coming soon. The remaining three are currently available as paperbacks. 
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