The New Century Multiverse
Audiobook Sample: The Princess Thieves

Audiobook Sample: The Princess Thieves

March 1, 2016

This is chapter 7 from New Century Book 5: The Princess Thieves

If you want to hear more it is available on Bandcamp in full audiobook form. 

A swashbuckling comedy fantasy adventure from the creator of Tiger's Eye and Arlington.

In 1873 an enormous doorway between realms opened up in the north of London and on the other side was a parallel British Isles named Britannica.

This place was home to two new races, the short, stubborn, Duart and the hulking, green-skinned Akka. What they brought with them when they stepped through to aid us and settle in our damaged country was an army of tough firecasters to see off our monster problem and a class system that humans fit roughly in the middle of.

In the week this story takes place, Gwendoline, the last remaining family member of Britain’s royal Saxe-Coburg bloodline is preparing to be married to the Duart lord; Aaron of Britannica.

Before that happens the young princess will be going on the adventure of a lifetime, through the dangerous, filthy streets of London, through the doorway between worlds and beyond.

Part of the New Century Multiverse, a saga set across many worlds with each story constituting a piece of the grand mosaic.

The first six stories in New Century Phase 1 can be listened to in any order...

The Cartographer's Handbook
Secret Rooms
Tiger's Eye
The Princess Thieves


Released March 2, 2017

Vocal performances by Theo Leigh, Alexander Shaw, Laureta Sela, Matt Wardle, Spencer Leeb, Sharon Shaw, Maureen Foley, Lyra Shaw, Matt Ramsey, Paul Davies, Alasdair Stuart, and James Batchelor.

The Princess Thieves theme was Arrival by I, Sazonov of Shockwave-Sound. Olympus, Rapture and Welcome to Chaos composed by Ross Bugden. London Town composed and performed by Gavin Dunne, AKA Miracle of Sound. The Phoenix composed by Mattia Cupelli. Ancient Heroes performed by Clynos. Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy originally composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Brandenberg Concerto by Johan Sebastian Bach. Egmont Overture by Ludwig Van Beethoven. Ranz des Vaches is an old Swiss folk tune that features in Rossini’s William Tell. Canon in D Major composed by Johann Pachelbel. All other music composed and performed by Kevin MacLeod.

Many soundscapes by Tabletop Audio.

Album artwork by Antonio Torresan.

Written, directed, edited and produced by Alexander Shaw.

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