The New Century Multiverse

The Princess Thieves: Chapter 25 – The March West

June 23, 2022

Collecting themselves after the battle, the shaken surviving companions must come to terms with the new path they are forging ahead with.

· Gwendoline performed by Theo Leigh

· Old Meg performed by Maureen Foley

· Nightwind performed by Spencer Leeb

· Lord Aaron performed by James Batchelor

· Ajax performed by Alasdair Stuart

· Mortimer and Scarlet performed by Sharon Shaw

· Oberon performed by Matt Wardle

· Viola performed by Laureta Sela

· Robin and Archduke Coriolanus performed by Alex Shaw

· Simon performed by Paul Davies

Make your decision by Dan Phillipson of Shockwave Sound

The Princess Thieves Theme, ‘Arrival’ composed and performed by I Sazonov of Shockwave Sound

Ancient Heroes performed by Clynos

Canon in D Major composed by Johann Pachelbel, here reorchestrated by Kevin MacLeod.

Past the Edge, Frozen Star Lost Frontier and Angevin composed by Kevin Macleod of

Many soundscapes by Tabletop Audio and ASMR Rooms

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