Steamheart - Episode 02: The Children of Clearwater

April 27, 2017

We travel back to when Abigail Grey was 13 years old, and the Wendigo plague first hit West Virginia. The idea of the children being sent off to a place of safety of course stems from the second world war, but so many of the books and stories that influenced me in my childhood have that same world-changing event on a personal scale. Here we finally get to meet Abigail's parents and find out what she was like as a girl.

Abigail Grey performed by Sharon Shaw
Tommy Sweeney performed by Matt Wardle
Pearl Grey performed by Maureen Foley
Hector Grey performed by Alex Shaw
Merle performed by Spencer Leeb
Various townspeople performed by Laureta Sela, Theo Leigh, Alex Shaw and Matt Wardle
Special appearance by Andrew Jupin and Eric Szyszka of the We Hate Movies podcast.

Incidentally if you’re not listening to these guys talk about movies yet you owe it to yourself to do so.

The New Century Jingle is Make Your Decision by Dan Philipson of Shockwave Sound, Evening Melodrama, Cold Sober, Stoic Morning and Ossuary by Kevin MacLeod of Many soundscapes by Tabletop Audio

Our special sponsors for this month were: Dan Mayer, Paschal Dooley, Jamas Enright, Joe Crow, Chris Finik, Nick Grugin, Toby Jungius, Dave Hickman, Aaron LaCluyze, Timothy Green, Mark Lucksch, David Garcia Abril, Ben Hayes, Staffan Gardigne, Ciaran Dachtler and Lorraine Chisholm

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