Secret Rooms Episode 9: The House on Briar Hill

September 7, 2017

On the way back from New Athens, the cartographers are forced to stop for the light in decidedly queer lodgings. 

Annie Oakley performed by Laureta Sela

Abigail Grey performed by Sharon Shaw

James Penrose performed by Alex Shaw

Professor Johan Krieger performed by Matt Wardle

Greta performed by Maureen Foley


A huge thank you to our special fifteen dollar sponsors this month

Tom Painter, Finbar Nicholl, Abel Savard, Jamas Enright, Marc Lucksch, Dan Mayer, Joe Crow, Chris Finik, Toby Jungius, Dave Hickman, Aaron LaCluyze, David Garcia Abril, Ben Hayes, Staffan Gardigne, Ciaran Dachtler and Lorraine Chisholm

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