The New Century Multiverse
Audiobook Sample: Arlington

Audiobook Sample: Arlington

June 12, 2016

This is chapter 19 from New Century Book 4: Arlington

This story takes place in 1883, the year Vice President Rutherford B. Hayes was eaten by a manticore.

It is a chronicle of the Arlington family who had a profound effect on this alternate history America.

Thomas and Sarah are the director and deputy director of the National Intelligence Agency, an organization desperately attempting to pull together the remnants of the American people.

The country and indeed the world has been ravaged by an infection that leaves its victims feral and vicious. The Arlingtons need to use their brains, their diplomacy and their Washington connections and make impossibly hard decisions every single day.

Their twin daughters Harriet and Truth are employed respectively as an inventor for the military and the White House communications director.

All of them are up against a dark and unavoidable streak of prejudice in the American psyche, and their every decision is met with opposition of some kind. They must grapple with their own anger, fear naivety and obsession with control,

With President Grant's health failing the race is on to find a replacement before the damaged country is left without a leader and to uncover the perpetrators of this assassination.

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released May 12, 2016

Vocal performances by Maureen Foley, Spencer Leeb, Alexander Shaw, Laureta Sela, Matt Wardle, Sharon Shaw, Theo Leigh, Daniel Floyd, Parris Lilly, Bob Chipman, Chris Brown, Lou Fernandez, Megan Hopwood, Iain Hopwood, Derrick Ritchie, Dan Mayer, Jesse Ferguson, Anthony Miller and Matt Ramsey.

The Star Spangled Banner and My Country 'tis of Thee performed by Chase Holfelder

Flare and Interstellar composed and performed by Ross Bugden
Tribal March composed and performed by Evony

Emotional, Powerful Music by Mattia Cupelli

One Wild West composed and performed by Edward Blakely of Shockwave Sound

All other music including the title, Prospector Theme composed and performed by Kevin MacLeod.

Many soundscapes by Tabletop Audio.

Album artwork by Antonio Torresan.

Written, directed, edited and produced by Alexander Shaw.

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