SteamHeart - Episode 10: Return of the Hunter

June 22, 2017

Something emerges from a portal between two worlds.

The New Century Jingle is Make Your Decision by Dan Philipson of Shockwave Sound. Sardana, Creeping to Ship, Tempting Secrets, Volatile Reaction, Thunder Dreams and Ossuary composed and performed by Kevin MacLeod of And Agent in Shanghai by 1M1 Music of Shockwave Sound. Many soundscapes by Tabletop Audio

Our special sponsors for this month were: Dan Mayer, Stephen Lowe, Paschal Dooley, Jamas Enright, Joe Crow, Chris Finik, Toby Jungius, Dave Hickman, Aaron LaCluyze, Timothy Green, Mark Lucksch, David Garcia Abril, Ben Hayes, Staffan Gardigne, Ciaran Dachtler and Lorraine Chisholm

Over time we’ve noticed a shocking lack of New Century fan art and we’d like to remedy that. So it’s not going to be a one to one thing, because we don’t want to feel like we’re bribing people or paying them to do fan art, that passion for this material should come from you, but we do want to offer prizes as rewards for effort.
So if you come up with some art and we like it we might send an audiobook of your choice in your direction, or the eBooks, or if you have all that stuff already, maybe something more rare and special, entirely dependent on how much we like the art.

You can do characters that have already been drawn, those that haven’t yet, new costumes, landscapes, vehicles, crossovers with other universes and our personal favourite possibility, shipping fan art… keep it a few notches above straight up hentai if you please. Or at the very least send that filth to us privately.
Any art that we love we’ll put on the Facebook page or even the Patreon.

Get drawing and tweet us at @NewCenturyShaw

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