Secret Rooms - Episode 8: The Abandonment

August 31, 2017

The townspeople having not taken to the news of reunification well, Abigail tries to come to terms with her decisions unraveling.

Annie Oakley performed by Laureta Sela

Sheriff Mary Samson and Mrs Williams performed by Maureen Foley 

Mayor Lucas Buck performed by Matt Wardle

James Penrose performed by Alex Shaw

Abigail Grey performed by Sharon Shaw

Mr Williams performed by Spencer Leeb 

A huge thank you to our special fifteen dollar sponsors this month

Abel Savard, Dan Mayer, Stephen Lowe, Paschal Dooley, Jamas Enright, Joe Crow, Chris Finik, Toby Jungius, Dave Hickman, Aaron LaCluyze, Timothy Green, Mark Lucksch, David Garcia Abril, Ben Hayes, Staffan Gardigne, Ciaran Dachtler and Lorraine Chisholm

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