Audiobook Sample: Tiger’s Eye

January 4, 2016

This is chapter 2 from New Century Book 3: Tiger's Eye

Set on an alternate Earth where great cats evolved to become the dominant species, Tiger’s Eye follows Hrao, a somewhat obsessive-compulsive hunter who one day discovers a human child adrift in the river. This is the story of her epic quest to get rid of him.

They journey out into a land shrouded in mystery, at once ancient and new, beset on all sides by dangers both strange and personal.
Hrao is going to have to let her guard down a little in order to forge the kind of companionship that might allow at least one of them to survive this perilous road.

Part of the shared universe of New Century, a saga set across many worlds with each story constituting a piece of the grand mosaic.

The first five stories in New Century Phase 1 can be listened to in any order...

The Cartographer's Handbook
Secret Rooms
Tiger's Eye
The Princess Thieves


released October 29, 2015

Vocal performances by Maureen Foley, Spencer Leeb, Alexander Shaw, Sharon Shaw, Laureta Sela, Matt Wardle, Laura Kate Dale, Daniel Floyd, Iain Hopwood, Megan Hopwood, Alasdair Stuart, Marguerite Kenner, Lorin Grieve and Matt Ramsey.

Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Agent in Shanghai by 1M1 Music.

Flight Hymn and Last Dawn by Ross Bugden.

Wildcat performed by Lyra Shaw.

Silent Winter by Running Wolf.

Many soundscapes by Tabletop Audio and Bluezone Corporation.

Album artwork by Antonio Torresan.

Written, directed, edited and produced by Alexander Shaw.

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